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Label Printing and Bar Codes in InvMan

InvMan utilizes the Dymo LabelWriter printer. The Label printer comes with software that simplifies the print driver installation.

Label printing in InvMan refers to either Bar Code or Non-Bar Code label printing. Both types are printed on the label printer.

InvMan does NOT require the switching of print drivers by the user. As long as the label printer is successfully installed, InvMan will switch to the Label print driver when labels are printed, and switch back to the default printer for reports and POs.

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Bar Code Scanning

Utilizing bar codes in InvMan is straightforward and complete. It requires the following steps:

1. Setup the Dymo label printer. You must connect the printer, load a roll of label printer paper, and install the Dymo software CD.


2. The Opticon OPN2004 bar code scanner can be used right out of the box. It comes with a connection strap/lanyard and a cable to connect to the PC when you are ready to transmit scans into InvMan.

3. Under the InvMan menu item Inventory Levels is the menu Process Bar Code Scans. This screen allows you to unload the Opticon scanner and process the reads into the InvMan database.

4. Assuming that you've printed some labels out of InvMan, use the scanner to read the desired labels. To scan bar code labels, simply depress the large button and cover the bar code to be read with the scanner laser light. The scanner beeps on a successful scan.

5. Connect the scanner to the PC using the USB cable. A minimized USB window will open displaying 3 files named 'Scanned.*'. Note which drive letter your PC has assigned for this USB port.

6. Click back to InvMan and from the Process Bar Code Scans screen, first select the correct USB drive letter from the drop-down and then select the button, 'Scan Data ---> InvMan'. InvMan will then load the scanned reads from the Opticon files into the displayed InvMan table. You can then choose to add to your inventory, subtract from your inventory or replace your inventory Quantity on Hand values with the scanned amounts.

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