From CAP Today, p. 102, November 1998


Newsbytes, by R.D. Aller, MD and M. Weilert, MD


COVE Laboratory Software has released InvMan, an inventory management and purchase order generation application for clinical and anatomic laboratories.

The application organizes, streamlines, and automates the process of counting inventory, receiving shipments, generating purchase orders, and tracking instrumentation. A series of analytic reports, including quantity on hand, lot numbers, purchase order summaries, and cost of stock, are available. Users can easily report instrument problems and maintain maintenance logs.

The software automatically prints labels for all items with or without bar codes. A portable lightweight bar-code scanner reduces the hands-on time for counting inventory and minimizes counting errors. The software will generate purchase orders automatically.

InvMan operates on Windows 3.1, ‘95, and NT.


InvMan - Inventory

Management Software


Windows 3.1, 95, 98 or NT

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